Fukei Table & Wall Clock

Serial Number:0002

*This is a one-of-a-kind item with each dial having a different pattern. Click on the serial number above to see the dial in the photo.

A clock featuring houses and stars scattered across the landscape to indicate time (“Fukei” – senary clock). By removing the back panel with its supporting pillar, it can also be used as a wall clock. The clock embodies the mesmerizing world of Chihiro Iwamiya, accentuated by the intricate inlay work that highlights the natural wood colors. Each Fukei clock’s pattern and wood color are unique, making each of her clocks “one-of-a-kind”. To ensure its authenticity and uniqueness, a unique item number is engraved on the back of each clock.

Chihiro Iwamiya

φ120 × D75mm

・The product ships within 3 days to 1 week from the date of order.
・We do not accept returns and/or exchanges.  Tegami products are made with natural wood and each product comes with a unique variation of knots, grain, and color.  Refer to the user's manual for more information.



“Divine hands” of fine craftsmen in Kanagawa, Japan
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