House of Precious Memories

style:Koya (Cabin) -Small
Color type:parquet

A house-shaped keepsake box created using woodworking lathe techniques. It is a decorative and stackable container, which is designed to store your sentimental items such as accessories, seashells, and baby teeth.  Wood pieces from Mizuki (cornelian cherry dogwood) used for “Koya” (cabin), Sakura (cherry blossom) used for “Omoya” (main house)," and the Walnut tree used for roofs complement each other with rich wood colors.  When you line up a few of these houses, it looks as if they are forming a small town on your tabletop.  The roof is made with Yosegi wood parts consisting of 4-millimeter wood pieces (Tohenboku and Keyaki wood) put together, creating a decorative touch on the roof.

Yasushi Inui

Koya (Cabin) -Small φ 40 × H66mm
Omoya (Main House) - Medium φ 40 × H86mm
Nikai (Two-Story House)  φ 40 × H119mm

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・We do not accept returns and/or exchanges.  Tegami products are made with natural wood and each product comes with a unique variation of knots, grain, and color.  Refer to the user's manual for more information.



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