Wooden Umbrella – Dog / Two Colors

Color:Mizuki × White

An umbrella with a wooden handle and tip, crafted using woodworking lathe techniques. Within the design of wooden umbrella “Dog”, the line and the attached strap depict a dog's collar and leash respectively, offering an imaginative experience of walking a dog while you carry the umbrella. The handle of the umbrella peeking out from a bag is as if a small dog is peeking out of your purse. Rain or shine, take it with you for your outings!

The line represents a collar and the strap represents a leash, allowing you to carry an umbrella with you just like walking your dog. It looks like a small dog when it comes out of the bag. Please go out with us on rainy days and sunny days.
φ50 × H335mm

Two Colors
An umbrella with a wooden handle and a stone tip made with woodworking lathe. The multi-tone handle, made from Mizuki (cornelian cherry dogwood), cherry blossom tree, and walnut tree, complement each other while harmonizing with the fabric. The texture of the wood and the rounded corners of the handle fit comfortably in your hand, bringing comfort on both rainy days and sunny days.

φ50 × H325mm

Yasushi Inui

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